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Showcase your organization's expertise with a doc finder that has advanced search features including:  name, distance from zipcode, location, conditions, specialties, language, and gender.  

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Build content and customize page templates with WYSIWYG editing so personalize your patient's experience.


Patient Engagement with HealthIT
Integrate maps, directions, wait times, multiple instances and more.


See How Open Source Can Work For Healthcare.

HealthLink is an open source web solution providing hospitals with the preliminary code to build their next website. HealthLink comes with out of the box features such as a responsive design, multilingual capabilities, and an enhanced doc finder. With HealthLink, the groundwork is laid; the code is distributed as a starting point from which to build off of and customize to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

This distribution is a gateway in the Drupal open source community. Becuase it’s an open source project the code is free to download, there are no reoccurring licensing fees, the code can be modified to include other open source modules, features, and distributions. The Drupal community also continuously monitors for security updates so sites remain safe. Finally, the open source community is continuously working together to create, improve, and extend functionality which allows you to respond to emerging web trends and innovate with more flexibility than proprietary vendor options.

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