The Story of HealthLink

We build flexible health IT solutions to extend your current healthcare systems.

Achieve Health solutions give you the power to manage your digital content ecosystem in the highly regulated Healthcare environment.

Our team believes that by minimizing massive Health IT expenditures we can improve the ailments currently facing our country’s Healthcare system. We strive to do this by implementing cost-effective technology solutions that harness the full power and potential of the monolithic IT systems on the marketplace today. Rather than replacing those systems we build platforms and interfaces, using Open Source technology, that help our clients get exactly what they need from these systems.  This helps them greatly reduce costly IT disruption and allows them to reinvest that money back to the patient.

Achieve Health is a department of Achieve Internet a software engineering firm headquartered in San Diego, California.  Our team has over 10 years of software engineering and web development expertise with extensive background in platform integration. Achieve Internet is a responsive and dedicated professional services firm that has been delivering engaging and effective content management solutions for enterprise clients in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, insurance, and finance for over 10 years. Our goal is to bring better, and more affordable, healthcare to everyone by leveraging cutting edge, flexible health IT that is truly patient-centered.

We give you the confidence that your online ecosystem will keep up with the shifting and evolving Federal regulatory and Healthcare IT agenda.

Our Healthcare solution architects are forward thinking and will help you future proof your technology footprint so that you are covered today, tomorrow and far into the future. 

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