Advancing Healthcare IT with Open Source Software [Webinar Resources]

The focus of this webinar is on the ways the healthcare technology industry can advance towards the end goal of improved patient outcomes. I walk through a number of slides on why the government is pursuing this, the money being spent, and the lack of success so far. There is plenty of money to do this right, but unfortunately a majority of that is being wasted which affects us (all of us). Ultimately, we are all patients and we deserve better.
Additionally, I highlight the benefits of Open Source Software (OSS) and the ways in which Achieve is leveraging certain OSS platforms to solve a number of these problems.
This presentation covers what the Healthcare professionals are expecting from their technology platforms such as:
  • Interoperability
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Access Management
  • User Friendly Design

These requirements are not too challenging from a technology perspective and we have delivered numerous solutions for Healthcare clients that have these capabilities and more. We do this through the use of an OSS platform, Drupal, a highly robust, extensible and secure Content Management System (CMS). Our engineering team is leveraging Drupal as more than just a CMS, which is highly recognized by our healthcare clients from Dexcom Medical Devices, Alliance Imaging to WellPoint Finical.

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