How HealthLink Can Help Your Healthcare Organization

Workflow Efficiencies

Patient Engagement with Intuitive HealthIT
Streamlined process for content, configuration and code deployment that greatly decreases the turnaround time to implement patient feedback.


Secure HIPPA HealthIT
Advanced multi-layered data encryption and firewall protection that gives you peace of mind and lets you focus on your patients.

Learn how we integrate multiple disparate systems both clinical and non-clinical

With Our Solution, CoreCONNECT:

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Extend Your Existing Platforms:

Reinvest in your patients rather than your IT Systems. Don’t replace your uncompromising and expensive platforms – extend them. Improve the functionality of your IT Infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.  Our solutions combine the high functionality of your existing systems with a user-friendly design that will improve operational efficiencies. We develop our solutions with one singular goal, delivering a user experience that is robust, intuitive and extremely functional. This functionality complements previous system-wide platforms such as EHR systems, Patient Portals, and other Practice Management tools to increase your Return On Investment (ROI) of these expensive systems. Getting you more from your existing IT Infrastructure is what we do.

Rolling Backups:

System backups are always a critical piece of a compliant content management solution. With users from different departments working on different parts of your website you need to mitigate your risks when a regulatory agency requests an audit. Our HIPAA compliant content solutions greatly speed up the process during an audit and gives you almost instant access to the lifecycle of your content and codebase. We engineer our systems to take snapshots of the entire site each day and restore it to a dynamically shifting web location. This gives you a complete audit trail for all the changes to your website in an easily maintained and accessed location for HIPAA and HITECH regulatory compliance.

Flexible, Compliant, Intuitive Health IT

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Intuitive, Flexible, Compliant Health IT

Granular User Roles & Permissions:

Our solutions are built with advanced user roles and permission settings, which give you the flexibility to set which users can see, edit, and create various types of content. These pre-configured user roles will drastically decrease the opportunity for human error. If you need more advanced user roles our team can configure unique permission settings to accommodate your specific needs. Granular permissions give your IT Department full control over your content ecosystem, which allows for rapid and compliant content publishing and editing.

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