Why SHSMD Needs Drupal

What does Beyonce know about Content Management Systems (CMS) that SHSMD doesn’t? The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) held their annual conference in our hometown of sunny San Diego. This was an eye-opening event for Achieve. SHSMD ‘14 was our first experience with a network of healthcare marketing professionals. We have certainly […]

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10 Ways the Drupal CMS Can Make You Happier

Is your custom content management system (CMS) bringing you down? Jumping through too many hoops? Too much time spent not getting your content online? These are signs of a common problem referred to as Custom CMS Fatigue. It’s been known to cause nausea, headaches and shattered computer screens. Luckily, there’s a cure. Drupal. Drupal is […]

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Stop the Presses: Healthcare IT Fails at Interoperability…Again

A recent report has come out from Premier and the eHealth Initiative that details a survey they conducted on the current state of affairs of data portability within Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) across the country. The report is focused around the Health Information Technology (HIT) being adopted and used by ACOs and how those systems […]

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Digital Health Devices Can’t Change Human Behavior Alone

Recapping the Connected Health Summit in San Diego CA Inaugural Digital Health summit hosted by Parks Associates September 4th – 5th A few of our team members, and I, attended the Connected Health Summit. While the event itself was great and Parks Associates did a fantastic job as hosts – the overall subject matter seemed dated. […]

Breaking Down the Data Silos with Drupal

Creating Truly Connected Healthcare Technology An Upcoming Joint Webinar with Acquia: October 15th, 1:00PM EDT I will be presenting a webinar next month with our technology partner Acquia. We are excited to be working closely with Acquia on leveraging Drupal to create effective, human-centric and truly integrated healthcare technology platforms. I will be speaking about the powers […]

On O’Reilly’s Radar

How the Drupal API Can Be Leveraged to Revolutionize Healthcare IT The Achieve Health team recently had the privilege of working with the O’Reilly editorial team on a guest blog post about how Open Source can be used to improve current iterations of healthcare technology systems. The whole process was a great learning experience for […]

Putting the Portability Back in HIPAA: Part 4

This is the conclusion to the 4 Part blog series, Putting the Portability Back in HIPAA. I would suggest accessing Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 to get caught up on the action. Part 4: Conclusion Increased interoperability has many benefits to the industry from reducing wasted money, decreasing inefficient workflows and improving usability. […]