Bio Tech

A Brewery Guide to BIO Tech

Our Guide to San Diego Breweries for the BIO International Convention This coming week 15,000+ bio tech professionals will make their way to San Diego for this year’s BIO International Convention. San Diego is home to a unique composition of leaders in the software engineering sector and world-renowned health delivery systems, medical research facilities, medical […]

Putting the P back in HIPAA: Part 2

How Can We Make Health IT Systems More Interoperable? Part 2 of this four part blog series will focus on the technology that can be used to extend pre-existing legacy systems without the need to rip and replace. This will save enterprise healthcare delivery systems significant money in IT disruption costs due to lost productivity […]

Healthcare IT

Open Source Digital Health Event

Achieve Health & Pillsbury to co-host a panel event with healthcare IT industry experts Achieve Internet will co-host a free executive breakfast on June 18th at 7:30AM with International Law firm Pillsbury in San Diego CA on How Open Source Software can benefit the Healthcare Technology sector. San Diego, California – Achieve Internet, an Open […]

Creating Healthy Communities with Innovative Health IT

Upcoming Event at UCLA: Healthy Communities Data Summit, June 11th We are excited to be attending an upcoming conference presented by Health 2.0 and the Foundation for Healthcare Innovation. The Healthy Communities Data Summit will take place in Los Angeles CA this Wednesday June 11th. The event will promote technological innovations aimed at improving patient […]

Putting the Portability back in HIPAA

This is a 4 part blog series on the current state of affairs among large Health IT systems such as, EMRs, patient portals and Practice Management tools. These systems lack interoperability and as a result healthcare efficiencies and advancements are grinding  to a halt. Software vendors are missing the point of HIPAA. Through the course of […]

drupal development

Drupal for Healthcare White Paper

Building upon our recent successful webinar with Acquia on the ways in which Open Source Software can advance the Health IT industry to new heights, I have consolidated the information in the webinar into an extensive White Paper: How Drupal Can Make Us Healthier Harnessing Open Source Technology to Drive Outcomes in Healthcare This paper […]