Breaking Down the Data Silos with Drupal

Creating Truly Connected Healthcare Technology

An Upcoming Joint Webinar with Acquia: October 15th, 1:00PM EDT

I will be presenting a webinar next month with our technology partner Acquia. We are excited to be working closely with Acquia on leveraging Drupal to create effective, human-centric and truly integrated healthcare technology platforms. I will be speaking about the powers of Drupal and how they can be used to meet many of the pains within the industry. This webinar will focus on how Drupal’s API capabilities allow for flexible and extensible platforms.

Drupal is a powerful web application platform and is typically thought of as a Content Management System (CMS), while at its core this is true, here at Achieve, we like to look at Drupal in a much different light. We see Drupal as a powerful web application platform with a dimension of capabilities useful for integrating multiple sources of information. By utilizing the extensibility of Drupal we are creating seamless two-way integrations among multiple third party applications, increasing data liquidity between enterprise systems and improving secure and compliant data access for users both internally and externally. Furthermore, the growth of the platform and the community has put Drupal in the position to revolutionize the concept of a traditional CMS in one market sector after another from the Media & Entertainment industry to Education, Travel and Government.

One industry that is in dire need of a technology makeover is the healthcare sector. The needs of the industry require something much more powerful than your average CMS. Drupal has already made headway in the healthcare sector, but as IT departments begin to open their Pandora’s box of problems, the need for high powered web applications becomes a necessity.

Join us, to find out how we are leveraging Drupal to create effective healthcare applications and platforms. I will also review the crucial features that are necessary when building a healthcare solution. You will learn about how Drupal can help you:

  • Create better connected healthcare technology systems
  • Extend the functionality of legacy IT systems, at the fraction of the cost
  • Limit HIPAA vulnerabilities by improving secure data portability
  • Improve data liquidity among a litany of proprietary IT systems

Join us for this free webinar October 15th at 1:00PM EDT. Register for the event with Acquia by following the link below.


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