Building the EHR of the Future, Today [White Paper]

70% of physicians are dissatisfied with their EHR.

What if we could flip that stat on its head? How much money could be saved in IT disruption costs?

EHR Dissatisfaction

Automobiles began to evolve after the introduction of the Model T from Ford due to its standardization and open framework, because of that we now have the Model S from Tesla. Currently, EHRs and other Healthcare Technology solutions that are designed to make hospitals more interconnected are still stuck in the days of the Model T, by leveraging Open APIs (a cost-effective solution) they could be performing at the level of Tesla Motors.

Download our White Paper to learn more:

Stealing a Page from the Tesla Playbook to Build the EHR of the Future, Today.

Building the EHR of the Future, Today [White Paper]

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