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Digital Health Devices Can’t Change Human Behavior Alone

Recapping the Connected Health Summit in San Diego CA Inaugural Digital Health summit hosted by Parks Associates September 4th – 5th A few of our team members, and I, attended the Connected Health Summit. While the event itself was great and Parks Associates did a fantastic job as hosts – the overall subject matter seemed dated. […]

On O’Reilly’s Radar

How the Drupal API Can Be Leveraged to Revolutionize Healthcare IT The Achieve Health team recently had the privilege of working with the O’Reilly editorial team on a guest blog post about how Open Source can be used to improve current iterations of healthcare technology systems. The whole process was a great learning experience for […]

Creating Healthy Communities with Innovative Health IT

Upcoming Event at UCLA: Healthy Communities Data Summit, June 11th We are excited to be attending an upcoming conference presented by Health 2.0 and the Foundation for Healthcare Innovation. The Healthy Communities Data Summit will take place in Los Angeles CA this Wednesday June 11th. The event will promote technological innovations aimed at improving patient […]

Center for Healthcare Technology Innovation

2014 Annual CTIP Symposium: A New Era in Healthcare Innovation

Achieve Health at Healthcare Innovation Conference My quest for knowledge with regards to all things related to Healthcare Technology and Healthcare Innovation brought me to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) for a recent symposium hosted by the Center for Technology and Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP).  The symposium was focused on Smarter Technologies for […]