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Putting the Portability Back in HIPAA: Part 4

This is the conclusion to the 4 Part blog series, Putting the Portability Back in HIPAA. I would suggest accessing Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 to get caught up on the action. Part 4: Conclusion Increased interoperability has many benefits to the industry from reducing wasted money, decreasing inefficient workflows and improving usability. […]

Putting the P back in HIPAA: Part 2

How Can We Make Health IT Systems More Interoperable? Part 2 of this four part blog series will focus on the technology that can be used to extend pre-existing legacy systems without the need to rip and replace. This will save enterprise healthcare delivery systems significant money in IT disruption costs due to lost productivity […]

Putting the Portability back in HIPAA

This is a 4 part blog series on the current state of affairs among large Health IT systems such as, EMRs, patient portals and Practice Management tools. These systems lack interoperability and as a result healthcare efficiencies and advancements¬†are grinding ¬†to a halt. Software vendors are missing the point of HIPAA. Through the course of […]