Digital Health Innovation Panel: Sept. 9th

We Have All Of This Patient Generated Data, Now What?

How do we connect the dots between the patients, EHRs and clinical teams?

San Diego: Panel Discussion with Healthcare Technology Industry Experts & Innovators

With the recent wave of electronic health trackers and digital medical devices the question now becomes where does all the data go. In order for wearable devices, think FitBit and FuelBand, to make the most impact there needs to be a collection of that data such that a patient’s clinical team can easily access it, visual the data, synthesize it and turn it into insight and treatment.

Otherwise, a recent prediction by Dr. John Mattison, CMIO of Kaiser Permanente, that “digital nannies are not the answer” will come true, which would be a shame. To avoid wearables and activity trackers to be little more than a fad the data needs to be brought into the clinical context. The last thing the industry needs is yet another data silo.

Luckily there are a few visionaries in the field right now that are focused on turning patient generated data into meaningful action and results. They are leveraging innovative and fully integrated technology platforms to do this. These platforms are distilling reams of data points into user-friendly, contextual visualizations that put the data in the hands of the clinical team allowing them to make more insightful decisions. The future is in giving the care team a view of a patient’s behavior and health outside of the clinical environment the other 364 days of the year.

We will be joined by a few of the visionaries that are driving this change at our upcoming event, which is sure to feature a great discussion about the value of patient generated data, the future of EHRs and if/when the two will meet somewhere in the middle.

The Panelists will discuss a number of topics including:

  • Connecting clinical teams and patients through user-friendly technology
  • How to bring the patient generated data into the clinical environment and onto a patient’s chart within an EHR
  • How an integrated digital ecosystem benefits all of the stakeholders
  • The future of devices, patient generated data and EHRs

Event Details

Hosted by Pillsbury, Health Tech Forum & Achieve Health

Date & Time: Tuesday, September 9th 5:30PM – 8:00PM

Location: 12255 El Camino Real, Suite 300 San Diego, CA

Cost: Free, appetizers and beverages included


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Dr. Robert Rowley

Dr. Robert Rowley, Chief Medical Officer, Flow Health & Independent Health IT Consultant

Dr. Robert Rowley is co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Flow Health, a next-generation collaboration platform for transitions of care. Prior to this, Dr. Rowley had been Practice Fusion’s Chief Medical Officer, from its inception through 2012, having created the initial technology for Practice Fusion’s web-based EHR. Dr. Rowley brings a depth of experience and expertise in Healthcare as well as Health IT, having been in clinical practice as a family physician for 30 years, including experience as a Medical Director with Hill Physicians Medical Group and as a developer of the early EMR system Medical ChartWizard.


Pratik Patel MD, Chief Operating Officer, MD Revolution

Pratik performs the vital role of overseeing and managing major projects and collaborative efforts within the company. He is responsible for ensuring that all internal teams and partners communicate and operate efficiently together to deliver clinical, business, and technology solutions on-time and within budget. Most notably, Pratik manages the production of RevUp—MD Revolution’s digital platform for population health management. His leadership is instrumental in balancing the needs of patients, healthcare practitioners, and corporate wellness programs to create a truly revolutionary product. While the majority of Pratik’s professional background lies in banking, he holds a BS in Psycho-biology and received his MD in 2001 with an emphasis in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


Steven R. Steinhubl MD, Director, Digital Medicine, Scripps Translational Science Institute

Dr. Steinhubl is the Director of Digital Medicine at Scripps Translational Science Institute and a cardiologist at Scripps Health, Scripps Clinic. He received his undergraduate training in chemical engineering at Purdue University in Indiana, graduate training in physiology at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and his medical degree at St. Louis University in Missouri. Dr Steinhubl’s research activities have covered a broad range of topics in cardiology with a primary early focus on trials of novel antithrombotic therapies for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease, and more recently on the application of an integrated systems-based approach to the optimal identification, communication and treatment of an individual’s risk for various manifestations of cardiovascular disease.



Ron Huber, CEO, Achieve Internet

Ron’s passion is to help organizations bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the desire to create memorable, awe-inspiring experiences through web and mobile applications led him to found Achieve in 2002. Achieve has two distinct divisions, Achieve Health and Achieve Internet. Achieve Health is focused on expanding interoperability in the healthcare industry by providing software solutions that allow doctors and patience to interact with data previously hidden by proprietary IT systems wanting to protect their turf. Achieve Internet, a leader in the Open Source Software industry, providing custom service and solutions to the entertainment and media industry.



Christian Salaman, Partner, Pillsbury

Christian Salaman is a partner and corporate attorney at the international law firm Pillsbury. His practice focuses on the buying, selling and financing of businesses, as well as governance issues, operational matters and strategic relationships. Many of his clients are start-up and emerging growth companies that require counsel for a broad range of matters, including mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, public and private securities offerings, venture capital financings, joint ventures, collaborations and technology licenses.

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