Drupal for Healthcare White Paper

Building upon our recent successful webinar with Acquia on the ways in which Open Source Software can advance the Health IT industry to new heights, I have consolidated the information in the webinar into an extensive White Paper:

How Drupal Can Make Us Healthier

Harnessing Open Source Technology to Drive Outcomes in Healthcare

This paper covers a number of ways in which Drupal can meet the needs of the healthcare IT sector and do so in a cost effective way due to lack of license fees. Drupal aligns extremely well with the needs of the healthcare industry including:

  • Security
  • Extensibility
  • Interoperability
  • Flexibility
  • Access Management

Drupal is flexible, robust and highly extensible. We are positive it can advance Healthcare Technology forward in a cost effective way and provide real value to the healthcare industry by helping to reduce wasteful spending through superior IT system interoperability and increase engagement through user-centric solutions.

Drupal offers the unique ability to provide an intuitive, fully integrated and cost effective solution that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry. Drupal can improve the data liquidity between systems and improve the user experience among both clinical and non-clinical staff. Improved data liquidity will decrease redundant workflows and cut out a vast majority of system wide inefficiencies. By making the data more accessible in a quicker fashion the necessary teams have the ability to make quicker decisions in critical situations but it also gives them the ability to interface with the patient more and potentially see more patients in general. Drupal can enhance ease of use, minimize redundant workflows, reduce IT disruption costs and break down data silos. This allows clinical staff the ability to redirect the majority of their time back to engaging and interfacing with their patients rather than being bogged down by the technology.

Through wide spread adoption of Drupal and other Open Source tools we can achieve the ideal destination of improved outcomes and enhanced experiences while bringing better and more affordable healthcare to everyone.


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