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Request a Demo of CoreCONNECT


Achieve Seamless Organizational Wide Integration of Data from Multiple Platforms Both Clinical and Non-Clinical

The healthcare landscape evolves every day but the available technologies are unable to keep pace.

Imagine if your billing, practice management, Electronic Health Records, scheduling and patient portal were seamlessly connected using one intuitive, flexible and robust platform.  That platform is CoreCONNECT. CoreCONNECT gives you complete data connectivity across your entire enterprise and amongst all of your disparate systems.

CoreCONNECT is not a replacement for your Enterprise IT Systems, but rather an extension – super charging your organization’s Health information technology systems.

We are improving efficiencies, usability and reducing overall costs for well established Healthcare organizations from integrated delivery systems and payers, to the medical device and services sector.

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CoreCONNECT works for our clients, learn how we can make it work for you.

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Intuitive, Flexible, Compliant Health IT

Administrative Flexibility:

Stop struggling with your current rigid and uncompromising legacy systems. At Achieve Health we believe these systems should fit your specific needs, which is why we build solutions that are configurable to your requirements.  We do this by displaying the data and information in your current platforms in an interface that is both intuitive and flexible. We engineer flexible administrative controls into our content solutions, which empower site admins to create a unique online experience tailored to meet specific organizational needs.

Secure Content Deployment:

AchieveCONTENT solutions include automated content deployment, enhanced code management, granular permissions, user controls and rolling backups. All of this is engineered to provide users with a sophisticated, secure and simple to use content deployment system. Our team uses advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access from any unknown source in adherence with strict HIPPA criteria.

Our solutions will give your IT Department the ability to configure which files and types of content can be created and updated by user groups, permission settings and access controls.  Our solutions are built to enhance practice wide workflows by automating the content deployment and editing process and minimizing the opportunity for human error. By leveraging the most compliant yet flexible Open Source technology solutions we can give you the necessary tools to take control of your content ecosystem.

Intuitive, Flexible, Compliant Health IT

Intuitive, Flexible, Compliant Health IT

Granular User Roles & Permissions:

Our solutions are built with advanced user roles and permission settings, which give you the flexibility to set which users can see, edit, and create various types of content. These pre-configured user roles will drastically decrease the opportunity for human error. If you need more advanced user roles our team can configure unique permission settings to accommodate your specific needs. Granular permissions give your IT Department full control over your content ecosystem, which allows for rapid and compliant content publishing and editing.