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Acquia and Achieve Health  have partnered to create a truly unique web technology platform for the healthcare industry. Acquia’s innovative products including, Acquia Cloud Site Factory and Lift are perfectly tailored for the Healthcare marketing professional. These products allow marketers to spin up new patient-centric sites with ease yet still adhering to branding and compliance regulations without the need for IT support. Achieve Health’s CoreCONNECT solution helps the administrative and clinical staff within the healthcare delivery system make better use of the data that is trapped within their numerous proprietary Health IT Systems.

CoreCONNECT seamlessly integrates with your Healthcare systems breaking down data silos to create true data liquidity, increase functionality and improve workflow efficiencies. Coupled together with Acquia Cloud Site Factory and their vast infrastructure we offer a comprehensive solution for the challenges that face the healthcare industry.
healthcare IT integration solutions

CoreCONNECT provides:

  • Increase data liquidity amongst multiple disparate IT systems
  • Break down clinical and non-clinical data silos with granular access management
  • Decrease redundant workflows and eliminate a vast majority of system wide inefficiencies
  • CoreCONNECT is built on widely adopted, supported and secure Open Source technologies

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Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Acquia Cloud Site Factory allows you to create and deploy unique sites for your patients faster than ever before. Create patient-centric experiences tailored to specific practice needs in mere days through a predictable and repeatable approach. Site Factory can be fully integrated with CoreCONNECT giving you the freedom to deliver incredible digital experiences that can vastly improve your patient engagement.



Acquia Lift personalizes your digital experiences. CoreCONNECT and Lift together allow you to auto target based on pre-configured roles and settings to create unique experiences for each user. Whether you are presenting a unique user interface to a specialty practice, or delivering a targeted message to a patient based on their location, Lift can be leveraged to improve your users engagement both internally and externally.


Acquia Cloud

Acquia’s open cloud platform delivers scalability, security, and high performance for Drupal sites. The Acquia Cloud platform takes the guesswork out of Drupal site development and hosting with a streamlined developer workflow, a Drupal-tuned infrastructure, and 24×7 monitoring. We leverage Acquia for our healthcare technology solutions due to the security and compliance monitoring, scalability, and dedicated support.

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