Healthcare Technology & Innovation Meet Up

Here at Achieve Health we are passionate about changing the future of healthcare by leveraging innovative technology. As technology developers we need to continue to inspire and push one another to make a difference in the market. In order to do that we are sponsoring a Meet Up to encourage collaboration, catalyze innovation and inspire change.

My goal is to change the future of Healthcare Technology through collaboration, innovation, and a sharp focus on the end-user. I hope you will join me in pursuit of that goal, I am looking for experienced professionals and experts in the field to help make it happen.

Healthcare Technology The technology currently in demand within the Healthcare market is not tailored to meet the needs of the end-user from patients, physicians, system admins, marketing team, IT department etc., which makes it irrelevant and ineffective.

The topics and discussions of this group will cover everything from intuitive user interface design, native and mobile responsive applications, EHR usability and integration, HL7, the HITECH Act and everything in between. The goal of this group is to get like minds together in the same room to discuss effective technology strategies to reduce Healthcare costs in order to improve the outcomes of care-delivery.

San Diego is so densely populated with cutting-edge BioTech, Life Sciences and world class Healthcare Organizations that we are leading the charge in Healthcare Technology innovation. However, that innovation does not always need to come with a $700M price tag. Web based technology and applications can be just as effective at improving care as the Cancer Proton Ray being developed here in San Diego (albeit in an entirely different way) at a fraction of the cost. Innovation and technology for the sake of innovation and technology does no good to the masses if it is not developed to drive results and deliver the biggest bang for the buck. This can be achieved by giving a keen emphasis on the end-user from the earliest stages of technology development.

I hope you will join me and the other members of this group to explore Healthcare Technology Innovation and how San Diego is currently improving care for the country, and how we can make our efforts more effective.


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