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How the Drupal API Can Be Leveraged to Revolutionize Healthcare IT

Open_Health_stethoscopeThe Achieve Health team recently had the privilege of working with the O’Reilly editorial team on a guest blog post about how Open Source can be used to improve current iterations of healthcare technology systems. The whole process was a great learning experience for us and it gave us first-hand insight into how the editorial process happens at a prestigious publishing organization like O’Reilly.

With that said, they allowed us full creative freedom and trusted in our market knowledge and technical expertise. With the help of the editorial team we came up with a topic that would resonate well with their audience and that aligned with our background in Drupal development. Given O’Reilly’s focus on open source technology and our deep domain knowledge with the Drupal platform it was a great working relationship and collaborative process. Furthermore, we were thrilled to share our thoughts on healthcare technology and how we see Drupal pushing the industry along to improve interoperability, user-experience and effectiveness.

The article revolves around the idea of exploring and pushing the boundaries of the Drupal framework by leveraging the extensibility of the platform and its robust API capabilities. We look at Drupal as much more than a simple Content Management System (CMS) and by leveraging APIs we are able to tie in multiple disparate platforms to create truly integrated digital ecosystems. This is especially important in the healthcare sector as new data silos and proprietary systems pop up on what seems to be a weekly basis. By creating seamless integration points with multiple proprietary systems we have been able to create central data hubs that improve interoperability and communication in the clinical context.

We are really excited about what Open source is capable of doing and how it can revolutionize the healthcare technology industry and we are honored to team up with the O’Reilly team to share our thoughts and expertise.

You can read the full article on the O’Reilly Radar blog by following the link:

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