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Our team has over 100,000 hours of software development experience and have built some of the most user-friendly, secure, scalable and sophisticated systems on the web.

Custom Portal Development


Achieve Health builds custom, intuitive, human-centric, portals that provide organizational wide transparency of critical data both clinical and non-clinical. We build custom portals that fit the needs of health care delivery systems, medical device manufacturers, insurance providers or individual patients. We have experience building various types of portals from patient portals, customer portals, employee intranets to electronic referral portals – there is not a portal that we have not built! Furthermore, with granular role-based provisioning our portals give you the highest level of control over your sensitive data. This granularity also provides a great deal of flexibility and a lower total cost of ownership as the same solution can be leveraged by patients, physicians, billing, nurses or any other member of your team.  To learn more about how our custom portal expertise can benefit your organization please contact us for more information.

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Data Integration


At Achieve Health we specialize in integration that extends current legacy IT systems and unleashes the power of your data so that you can make better use of it in critical situations. We create healthier IT systems that break down data silos and improve organizational data liquidity. Our enterprise integration services allow you to achieve data connectivity from multiple platforms both clinical and non-clinical. We have vast experience working with a number of 3rd party applications from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Document Management Systems, to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and everything in between. If your current enterprise IT systems are handcuffing you due to inflexibility and siloed data let us help you extend your systems to create a fully integrated enterprise ecosystem.

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Web Application Development


Our software engineers develop some of the most innovative and intuitive health care applications on the web. At Achieve Health we leverage the most agile, flexible and robust Open Source technology solutions available to stay one step ahead of the swift moving Health IT revolution. Our Open Source solutions are developed in a way that makes sense to your clients, employees, or patients. Connect with your audience with speed and full transparency to ensure compliance with the number of regulatory agencies that you have to contend with on a daily basis. Achieve Health has over 100,000 hours of development experience creating engaging enterprise custom web applications and we definitely have the expertise to help take your organization to the next level. If you have a custom web application project please let us know how we can help.

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