Silver Sponsors at the 8th Annual Health 2.0 Conference

Achieve Health is Excited to Showcase Health IT Solutions in San Francisco

As the summer months of July and August creep past us we are thoroughly looking forward to ramping up our outbound marketing efforts as the conference, event and trade show schedule starts to kick back into high gear in September. In the grasp of the dog days of summer it seems like an eternity that we went to our last healthcare conference, but it was just last month that we attended the Healthy Communities Data Summit, which showcased the technologies, programs, and data that are improving patient access, quality, and engagement. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be attending and exhibiting at the Health 2.0 Fall 2014 Conference in San Francisco this September 21st – 24th. The conference showcases cutting edge innovations that are transforming health care delivery, patient engagement and health care technology systems. The 8th installment of the annual event will feature over 80 speakers, 30 different panels, and 150 live product demonstrations by the most innovative companies from all over the world.

The event presents an opportunity for us to share our company’s core beliefs. Here at Achieve Health we are firmly committed to improving the healthcare experience across the board and that starts on the clinical side and progresses all the way down stream to patient care and experience. We do this by implementing cost-effective technology solutions. Rather than performing large-scale overhauls of inefficient healthcare systems, we leverage our 100,000 hours of healthcare technology experience to implement Open Source based solutions, that deliver improvements to areas of healthcare IT systems such as security, interoperability, and an improved user experience.

As Silver-level sponsors of the event, we will be exhibiting and educating guests about all of our Healthcare solutions. CoreCONNECT is an example of one of our solutions, which improves the interoperability of IT systems. One of CoreCONNECT’s key features is portal integration, which allows for single sign-on (SSO) between a number of disparate IT systems.SSO enables both clinical and non-clinical staff to sign into multiple platforms using a single account, which decreases the potential for compliance violations caused by human error. Our portal integration is built with a human-centric design, which cuts down the time users have to spend navigating through non user-friendly portal design, and allows them to quickly access the data they need. In addition to portal integration, CoreCONNECT allows for granular control of user access and permission settings. This control ensures that only authorized users gain access to highly sensitive data, further decreasing the risk for HIPAA violations. The fact that CoreCONENCT is an Open Source solution provides a lower total cost of ownership to enterprise healthcare systems. Additionally, the seamless integration of CoreCONNECT into pre-existing IT systems, extending those systems, reduces millions in IT disruption costs. This enables healthcare systems to reinvest those savings into measures such as improving care, outcomes and patient experiences.

The event will feature a number of incredible speakers, but one person that we are very excited to hear from is keynote speaker Dr. Eric Topol. Dr. Topol is a leading cardiologist, and health IT evangelist, who has gained acclaim for leading the cardiovascular program at Cleveland Clinic, which has since become recognized as one of the leading cardiovascular programs in the United States. Dr. Topol embraced the study of genomics to discover advances in patient treatment. Furthermore, he is recognized as one of the pioneers of digital health technologies and health 2.0 tools for preventative cardiac care as well as day-to-day treatment of patients. Dr. Topol is a visionary when it comes to digital health and regularly speaks and writes about technological advancements and breakthroughs in the industry. Dr. Topol is the founder of the Scripps Translational Science Research Institute and serves as the Chief Academic Officer at the Scripps Institute where he continues to practice cardiology.

There is no greater facilitator of innovation than people who have different ideas, areas of expertise and backgrounds coming together and engaging in conversation. That’s why we’re so excited to be a part of the Health 2.0 2014 Conference and the overarching Health 2.0 community.


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