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Our healthcare solutions are built on a flexible Open Source framework, which allows them to adapt to the ever-changing needs and regulations of the healthcare industry.



Built using Open Source technology, CoreCONNECT is a flexible, highly robust and cost effective platform that improves health IT system interoperability. CoreCONNECT extends the functionality of multiple disparate legacy systems through sophisticated back-end integration, which minimizes IT disruption costs and improves organizational efficiencies. CoreCONNECT is not a replacement for enterprise IT systems but rather an extension that will supercharge your organizations healthcare IT systems. Our solution provides seamless organizational wide integration of data from multiple platforms both clinical and non-clinical, which increases data liquidity throughout the enterprise and improves the healthcare experience for your staff and your patients.

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CoreCONTENT is an intuitive and compliant content management solution specifically designed for enterprise organizations that operate in heavily regulated industries such as life sciences, health insurance or healthcare delivery. CoreCONTENT gives your organization the power to control your online ecosystem and extend your current IT Infrastructure from your CRM to your payment gateway. CoreCONTENT is a flexible technology solution designed to increase the functionality of your legacy systems and multiply your technology footprint at a fraction of the cost. CoreCONTENT provides an intuitive interface, cutting edge user-experience, advance multilingual capabilities, integration APIs for major 3rd party applications and is optimized for mobile display through either responsive web design or adaptive design. Additionally, CoreCONTENT is built with a sophisticated content audit tracking and workflow automation system that helps you adhere to strict compliance regulations from HIPAA, the FDA, the SEC and anyone in between. Conveying your message has never been easier with CoreCONTENT.

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Acquia and Achieve  have partnered to create a truly unique web technology platform for the healthcare industry. Acquia’s innovative products including, Acquia Cloud Site Factory and Lift are perfectly tailored for the Healthcare marketing professional. These products allow marketers to spin up new patient-centric sites with ease yet still adhering to branding and compliance regulations without the need for IT support. Achieve Health’s CoreCONNECT solution helps the administrative and clinical staff within the healthcare delivery system make better use of the data that is trapped within their numerous proprietary Health IT Systems. CoreCONNECT can integrate across clinical and non-clinical systems to surface the most important data from multiple disparate places.

By partnering we can better serve our clients and provide them with vision, infrastructure, expertise and support helping them stay ahead of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. By leveraging our combined technical expertise of both Open Source and Healthcare Technology, we are able to create a truly integrated ecosystem of your legacy Healthcare IT platforms giving you the freedom to get back to what matters most to you – your patients.

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